Summer Capsule – 10 x 10 Challenge Update

Hey guys! As promised, here is my update on the 10x10 challenge I did a few weeks ago. I'm going to rate it an 8/10. One point off for choosing a skirt that I don't fit anymore...that was a fun surprise...and has gone to charity. I ended up replacing that skirt with my gingham, wrap, … Continue reading Summer Capsule – 10 x 10 Challenge Update


Cruelty Free Empties – Mini Reviews

Welcome to another empties post for 2019! Let's get straight into it! Body Shop Body Butter in Frosted Plum: I adored this scent and loved this body butter. The texture was a bit more whipped than some of the other Body Shop body butters which I liked. It was a limited edition Christmas scent from … Continue reading Cruelty Free Empties – Mini Reviews