Choosing Cruelty Free

I recently made the decision to choose cruelty free beauty products.

I believe cosmetic testing on animals is out dated, unnecessary and cruel. After the animal rights movement in the 1960s the topic has been somewhat forgotten. However, animal testing of cosmetic products still happens today. In fact, in China it is a requirement of law to test beauty products on animals. There is no law prohibiting animal testing in Australia, however the practice does not happen here.

There are so many ingredients on the market that have historically been tested on animals. In addition, there are new testing methods that do not require animals as subjects.

There are many brands that are cruelty free, but the trick is finding them. There are several organisations that certify brands as being cruelty free, the most well-known being PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) and the Leaping Bunny. PETA is a worldwide organisation dedicated to helping animals. On their website you can search particular brands and they will tell you whether or not it is cruelty free.The Leaping Bunny has a similar set up. In Australia we also have Choose Cruelty Free which certifies Australian products.

PETA logo

However, there is often conflicting information sourced from these certifiers or the company itself about whether or not a brand or product is cruelty free.

Another issue around choosing cruelty free is the level or degree of ‘cruelty free’. For example, does a cruelty free brand owned by a parent company that is not cruelty free still count as cruelty free? People will have different opinions about this. Personally, I want to encourage brands that are cruelty free and use my power as a consumer to send a message to their parent company that I support their cruelty free brand’s practices. I think the most important thing is that you make a decision that you are comfortable with.

I hope this information was helpful and  it makes you think about animal testing. Please feel free to comment below to let me know what you think about the subject.

Bye for now, Christina xx

2 thoughts on “Choosing Cruelty Free

  1. Hi! Thank you for publishing this excellent article! My name is Amanda Nordstrom and I’m the company liaison at PETA’s Beauty Without Bunnies cruelty-free certification program. I’d love to send you some more information about our program, can you please send me your email address? .


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  2. Hello! Thanks for reading. I am just beginning to change to cruelty free but feel quite strongly about it. I would love to receive some more information! It is quite hard to find the truth about certain brands and products. When I am investigating products I usually first go to PETA to determine if the brand is cruelty free.
    My email address is


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