Skincare Overhaul

As part of my journey of choosing cruelty free I am faced with the task of changing all of my skincare products. And it is daunting. Not only are there so many things to choose from, but I am kind of scared to change everything in case my face doesn’t agree with it…

Just a note, my skin is fairly normal. It can get sensitive, I get the odd spots and sometimes I get dry patches in the winter.

Until recently I had been using the same four products for the past 5 or 6 years. I was using the Neutrogena Foaming Wash, St Ives Apricot Scrub, Neutrogena Oil Free Moisturiser with SPF15 and Neutrogena Oil Free moisturiser.

My biggest struggle at the moment is choosing which philosophy to live by. On the one hand there is much to be said for keeping it simple. Not having too many products and sticking to a simple regime. On the other hand, I am overwhelmed by the amount of choices out there and I want to try everything, at once, and use a different product everyday depending on what my skin is doing that day. At the moment I am trying to strike a balance. I am trying new products but I am introducing them one at a time, and keeping everything else the same for at least 4 weeks to see how my skin likes it. So far, so good.

Although I am still using up some old products I have mainly ventured into Dermalogica and Body Shop skincare so far. So please comment below and let me know what your favourite cruelty free skincare brands or products are because I would love to try them!

Thanks for reading, Christina xx

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