Three Face Loves

Hello everyone! Today I thought I would share with you the three face products I have been loving and wearing day after day so far this Summer. Just a note that I don’t wear make-up every day, maybe 3-4 times a week depending on what’s happening; but here are the products I have been using most of the time in the last couple of weeks when I have been wearing make-up.

From left to right: Bare Minerals Original Mineral Foundation SPF15; Body Shop Honey Bronzer; Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush

As my base I have been using the Bare Minerals Original Mineral Foundation SPF15 in the shade Fair. This was my first every foundation. I bought it when I was 16, and to be honest this is the same package. I know, it’s old, I should chuck it out. But from about 16-18 I only ever wore make up for special occasions, which was maybe once a month. So for me, this product has lasted forever. I have told myself that I will do a big clean out next year of old products and non-cruelty free products. So I’m just giving some products one last chance to use them up! This foundation is really good. It has a light coverage. Maybe medium if you do a few light layers. I like it because it is so easy to use, you never get streaks or weird patches that you sometimes get with liquid foundations and I find myself wearing it all year around as my only base product or as a powder on the top of a liquid foundation.

The next product is the Body Shop Honey Bronzer which I have in the shade 01 light matte. I picked this up this year after hearing Estee from Estee Lalonde (formerly Essie Button) rave about it. For fair skinned girls, like me, this is perfect. It is not too dark and not too orange. It is also not too pigmented. This was my first bronzer and I like the fact that I can’t go overboard with it and that I can build it up. It is just a really nice light brown bronzer with no sparkle or chunks of glitter. If you are fair skinned or have never tried bronzer before, I would definitely recommend this!

The final product is the Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-hour Blush in Captivating. Tarte is a well-known cruelty free brand available at Sephora, which only came to Australia recently. I first went to Sephora in June 2015 and picked this up and love it! It is also available to Aussies at Sephora Australia online as of December 2015. The shade Captivating is a peachy pink, which I find to be a perfect everyday colour. It is very pigmented, so look out and only use a little. But that also means that this will last for a very long time. Although I have not tested out its ability to last 12 hours, I do find that at the end of the working day I can still see it. Whereas a lot of other blushes fade after maybe 4-6 hours, I find this will last for at least 8.

So those products are my three face loves at the moment. I will often pair this trio with some mascara and lip balm, or if I’m really lazy I will just use these three products. Have you tried these products?

Thanks for reading, Christina xo

4 thoughts on “Three Face Loves

  1. Hi, thanks for reading! Is that the IT Cosmetics CC Cream? Or another of their formulas? Would love to try it out 🙂


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