Creating My Capsule Wardrobe

Hello everyone! The other day I was browsing through Youtube and came across Vivianna Does Makeup and her videos on her capsule wardrobe - . After watching those and reading the blog Unfancy – – from which she originally got the idea I decided to give it a go. This was all in the space of a few hours.


Basically a capsule wardrobe is a limited collection of clothes that you wear all the time and love and that you change about every three months with the seasons. The blog post by Unfancy sets out 37 pieces in your wardrobe at any one time, however it can change depending on your lifestyle. It doesn’t include sleepwear, formal wear, athletic wear (haha, all my 5 pieces), underwear and swimmers.


This is what I started with. A mess. A big, hot mess. I had clothes I hadn’t worn in ages as well as clothes with holes that I couldn’t bear to throw out.


I then emptied out my entire wardrobe (leaving my shoes and formalwear). I then began the process of making piles. One pile for clothes I adore, wear on a regular basis and would definitely by putting back in. A pile for clothes I needed to try in to decide if they still fit me or suited me. A pile for charity. A pile of maybes that would take me forever to decide upon.


This is about a quarter of the way through when I had put back in the absolute keepers. There were several things I kept in mind when going through this process. Firstly, I was happy to wear some things out. I have a few tops that are old, but suit everything, and so I am trying to wear them out. Secondly, if I don’t remember the last time I wore something, it had to go. Thirdly, I didn’t mind keeping a lot in storage for the colder months. I think I will find as I progress through the months that some items will never come out of storage and so this time next year will be the time to find those clothes and throw them away or donate them.


This is the final product. I ended up with 11 pairs of shoes, a mini work wardrobe of 11 pieces and the main capsule wardrobe of 31 pieces. So I actually ended up with 53 pieces. I know, it’s a lot more than the 37, but with my lifestyle of part time jobs in retail and an office, and full time studying at uni, I did find that I needed two capsule wardrobes – work and everyday. And that suits me, which I think is part of the point. You are supposed to end up with a wardrobe that you love, will alter over time, spend less time thinking about what to wear, spend less and when you do spend, spend with an intention and with specific items in mind.


Another trick that I employed was once I had my capsule wardrobe (and I will redo this every changeover) is to turn the coat hangers around the wrong way. So at the end of the three months, if I have not worn an item at all, I will be able to tell straight away and then I can seriously rethink whether or not I should keep that item.


I hope you enjoyed this post. It’s a little different from what I am used to. I will keep you updated with my capsule wardrobe change overs. Let me know in the comments below whether you have done this and how it has worked for you or whether you are thinking of doing it.
Thanks for reading, Christina xo


3 thoughts on “Creating My Capsule Wardrobe

  1. Hey! It’s a scary thing to do, I know. You did well with 57 pieces. Not too much, it’s all about fitting your lifestyle. I’m not doing a capsule wardrobe, but a little experiment inspired by it. You can check it out on my blog. Interested to see how it goes for you! Good luck! 🙂


  2. Thanks for reading! I just checked out your blog and I love the approach you have taken to the topic of capsule wardrobes/minimal living! Looking forward to your updates 🙂


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