5 Good Beauty Habits

Hello everyone! Today I am going to share with you five good beauty habits. These habits are ones which I personally do and which I would recommend. These habits have developed over months and years, so generally they are quite ingrained into my routine, but I genuinely enjoy doing them and think they have given me good results in the long run. So let’s get into it!


1. Using a hand cream every night. I read about using a hand cream every night before going to bed to make your hands super soft in a beauty/lifestyle magazine when I was about 14 and for some reason it stuck with me. I started using a hand cream and am now known among my friends for my soft hands (yes, it is weird). I have been doing this for so long that I definitely notice when I don’t moisturise before going to bed!

2. Using a lip balm every morning and night. My lips hardly ever get dry or chapped and the reason for this lies behind the habit of using a lip balm every morning and night. Most often I just use Vaseline, however I am starting to enjoy using other balms and treatments.

3. Not over plucking eyebrows. Ok, so I know everyone may not agree with this, but I have kind of stopped plucking (except the few serious strays) my eyebrows for a while now. I have literally no shape to my eyebrows and since high school I had been plucking however not actually shaping my eyebrows. This is a fairly new habit, but I am hoping by letting my eyebrows grow out a bit, some shape might develop… Dreaming, yes?

4. Double cleansing after wearing makeup or SPF. I had never double cleansed until last year. I believed that if whatever makeup or SPF I was wearing did not come off with one cleanse then it just wasn’t coming off that night. How wrong I was. I am loving the double cleanse! I think my face is loving it and thanking me for it. My face feels cleaner, fresher and I truly think I get less spots after wearing heavy makeup than I used to.

5. Letting nails breathe. I love nail polish, however when I repeatedly wear it my nails can become brittle and sometimes they begin to flake. I find it really hard to fix this, so I have developed a habit of leaving at least a few days (even up to a week or two depending on their condition) between nail colours to let my nails ‘breathe’, be exposed to natural sun light and be lathered in oils or hand creams. I think this has been helping but this is probably the newest habit I have gotten into so I will hopefully see better long lasting results over time.


So they are five beauty habits I have incorporated into my daily routine. I know they have helped me and I hope they might help you too! Please feel free to comment below and let me know what beauty habits you have and how they help you!

Thanks for reading. Christina xo

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