Summer to Autumn Capsule Changeover

Hello everyone! I recently changed over my capsule wardrobe from Summer to Autumn (I live in Australia by the way…). I found this changeover quite challenging. Leading up to the changeover in Sydney we had had a few weeks in a row of 21/22 degrees Celsius to 29/30 degrees Celsius. But I knew that the following weekend I was going to the Blue Mountains for a music festival which is always freezing cold so I had to do this changeover and balance the shorts and shirts with jeans and coats.

sum to aut cap done.jpg

So this is what I ended up with. I actually ended up with the same number as I had before which is 53. It’s still a bit more than I would like, but due to the crazy weather happening I couldn’t really cut down. I still have my normal capsule and then my work capsule. I didn’t end up changing anything in my work capsule. It was working for me so I didn’t want to mess with it.


There were quite a few changes to my normal capsule wardrobe. Out went two pairs of sandals and in went two pairs of boots and my new Nike Roshes.

sum to aut cap1.jpg

sum to aut cap2.jpg




Two old t-shirts went from my capsule to my work out section to wear them out. There was a pair of shorts and a dress that I did not wear at all in the six weeks of my Summer capsule so they are going to charity.

sum to aut cap3.jpg

sum to aut cap7.jpg













A few other tops, cardigans and dresses went out and are going into storage.

sum to aut cap4.jpg

sum to aut cap5.jpg









sum to aut cap6.jpg

Then out of storage and into my capsule came two long sleeve tops, a cardigan, a jumper, two dresses, my black jeans and two coats.

sum to aut cap12.jpg

sum to aut cap11.jpg












sum to aut cap9.jpg

sum to aut cap8.jpg


sum to aut cap10.jpg

I found the process quite challenging but also satisfying. It was fun bringing items out of storage. It was like buying new clothes without spending any money! So I hope you enjoyed this changeover. Let me know in the comments below your thoughts on the capsule wardrobe concept.

Thanks for reading, Christina xo

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