Weekend Away Makeup Bag

Hi! Last weekend I went to the Blue Mountains for a music festival and today I thought I would share with you all what I took in my makeup bag.

weekend away bag1ed

The bag itself is from Peter Alexander. I got it on sale. I had bought it with the intention to use it for my Europe trip later this year, but I think it will be too small. However, it was perfect for my weekend away. As you can see it has two plastic clear zip compartments, a mini bag and a hook so you can hook it on towel racks, door hinges, etc. It is just perfect!

weekend away bag4ed

In the very top mini bag I took hair ties and pins. Nothing too exciting.

weekend away bag2ed.jpg

In the next compartment I have the makeup that I took (which I actually didn’t end up wearing, but which would have been easy to apply if I wanted to) and body products. So there is my mini Body Shop Shea Body Butter which smells absolutely divine and I will have to buy the big tub once I finish this mini one and there is also my deodorant. For makeup I brought products that I didn’t have to use a brush for and kept it very minimal. I have the Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue Tinted Hydrating Gel Cream with SPF 30 in Vanilla 02, Natio Acne Clear Spots Tinted Purifying Spot Treatment and Benefit Bene Tint.

weekend away bag3ed.jpg

In the next compartment I have skincare. I kept to the bare essentials for my skincare routine. I have the Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel, Body Shop Aloe Night Cream, Natio Daily Defence Face Moisturiser SPF50 and a mini Dermalogica Clear Start Emergency Spot Fix. I always take a spot cream with me even if I don’t have any at the time of leaving because I nearly always get a break out or spot of sorts when I travel.


So that is it for my weekend away makeup bag. As you can see I kept it very minimal. I didn’t even take shampoo and conditioner, I just washed my hair just before we left and washed it as soon as I got back. But I did take soap, it was in my family’s bag, not mine. I’m not that gross.


So thanks for reading. I would love to know in the comments below what your weekend away essentials are. Christina xo

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