Things I regret doing but don’t care

Hello everyone! The name says it all. Things I regret doing but don’t care. These are often guilty pleasures. So they aren’t good for me but I like doing them anyway. Give this post a like if you share some of these  and I would love to hear in the comments what other things you do, regret but in the end don’t really care about. So let’s get into it.


  1. Late night online shopping. Oh my. How many of us have been browsing a site late at night, filled our shopping cart to the brim, then gone through and deleted some products til the amount is somewhat reasonable and then on impulse pressed checkout. And there goes this week’s pay.
  2. Pimple popping. Yep, I said it. TMI, I know, but come on, we have all done it. It’s weirdly satisfying to pop, but then instant regret at the redness you have just created.
  3. Binge watching of YouTube videos. My weakness is beauty videos. I will find a new person, go through their videos and add to my Watch Later playlist, and then I will have dozens to hundreds of videos to watch. From Kathleen Lights to Caroline Hirons to Estee Lalonde to Lilly Pebbles to Amelia Liana…I could go on and on. Many an hour has been lost to the beauty world of YouTube.
  4. Giving in to food cravings. For me it is having something sweet after every meal. I always get the craving and often give in to it. Or it’s that one off desire for some deep fried food. Or why not combine the sweet and deep fried and get some doughnuts. Mmm.


Thanks for reading! Christina xo

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