Priceline Haul Part 1

Hello everyone! I did some online shopping recently when Priceline (an Australian pharmacy/drugstore) had a 40% of cosmetics sale. I admit, I went a little crazy. So I actually ended up putting away half of what I bought to bring out at a later date, so then it will be like shopping all over again, but without spending any money. So here is part one.

priceline hauled.jpg

Nude by Nature Nude Miracle Serum. The packaging on this is divine. It is so pretty. It is a hydrating oil-free serum with native Australian ingredients. I put some of this on my hand and it felt very light and silky, so I cannot wait to put this on my face.


Australis Show Some Cheek Blush in Sinful. Oh my. This is brighter than I expected, but hopefully will be perfect for the winter to add some life to my face.


Natio Nail Colour in Maple. I had been eyeing this colour off for a while. It is a beautiful dark purple. Again, perfect for winter.


Essence Long Lasting Eye Pencil in 19 Hot Scorch. I love this! Firstly, it is a retractable liner. So much better than a pencil liner. Secondly, the shade is a beautiful copper bronze that I am loving right now for Autumn.


Models Prefer Infinite Colour Lip Liner. This is my first ever lip liner. It is a clear one which I thought was good because then I could wear it with any lip colour. So we shall see how that goes…


Models Prefer Tint my Brow Tint in Light Brown. Another first for me, brow products. I have used this twice now and I quite like it, although I have nothing to compare it to. The colour has a bit of a red undertone but you can’t really tell once it is on the brows.


Models Prefer Small Eyeshadow Brush. I only have two eyeshadow brushes. So here’s a third.


Models Prefer Match Maker Kit. So this was a little set with 6 lipsticks and 6 nail polishes. Firstly, I love the colours. Secondly, it was super cheap. I have used one nail polish so far, beautiful colour but did take three coats and is still a little streaky. But it was one of the lighter colours so hopefully it will be a bit better with the darker colours. I have also tried one of the lipsticks which I love. The colour is gorgeous, it is matte, it stays on quite well and fades quite nicely.


So there you go, part one of my Priceline haul. I had been waiting for this sale before I bought any more cosmetics from the pharmacy and I am glad I did. I saved a lot of money. So let me know in the comments if any of my Australian friends got their hands on some good bargains at the Priceline sale. And thanks for reading!


Christina xo


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