Beauty Lessons my Mum Taught Me

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Hope you all had a lovely Mothers’ Day yesterday for everyone in Australia.In honour of my mother, today’s post is about the beauty lessons she has taught me.


The most important beauty lesson my mother ever taught me was that I didn’t need to wear makeup to feel beautiful. She never discouraged me from wearing any makeup, but she always made the point that it wasn’t necessary to make me beautiful. My mum primarily wore makeup for special occasions which gave makeup a special awe for me. This lesson has taught me that makeup should be used to enhance, not to cover up. I admit, as a teenager there were moments when I hated the way I looked, especially the spots that would erupt overnight and I would smother them in concealer. But these days were way outnumbered by the days where I went makeup free and felt comfortable and beautiful, even with spots on my face. And this lesson is the one I appreciate most now. I feel comfortable in my own skin going makeup free and only wear makeup when I want to, not when I ‘need’ to.


The second beauty lesson my mum taught me was to wear sunscreen! We both have fair skin and are prone to burning in the Australian sun. But her nagging has paid off and I am very conscious of wearing SPF pretty much every day in order to protect my skin which I know I will be thankful for in the future.


The third beauty lesson my mum has taught me is to have a simple skincare routine that works and stick to it. I stuck to this religiously throughout my teen years and it worked well for me. However I have become more intrigued by products and want to try new things every day. But the lesson is still there because I only change one thing at a time in my skincare routine, and I stick to that for at least 4 weeks before changing something else.


So if you are reading this mum, Happy belated Mothers’ Day and thank you for teaching me these lessons and generally being an awesome mum!


And thank you everyone for reading! I hope you all had a great day yesterday and I would love for you to comment below the beauty lessons your mum has taught you!

Until next time, Christina xo

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