Winter Capsule Wardrobe

Hello everyone and welcome back to another capsule wardrobe changeover. This time we are moving from Autumn to Winter. I learnt a lot from my Autumn capsule which I think has helped make my Winter capsule my favourite yet!

winter cap10ed.jpg

My Autumn capsule wardrobe was good but I could definitely have downsized. I had 2 pairs of shorts, a couple of skirts and 2 pairs of jeans and a lot of tops! I found I probably only wore one of the pairs of shorts and there were a few tops I didn’t get much wear out of at all. So when thinking about making my Winter capsule wardrobe I wanted to make sure I would wear all the items.

winter cap col1.jpg

There were 4 new additions to my overall wardrobe which were a new pair of blue jeans (Levis), two new blouses (from Country Road) and a black denim skirt. The tops were a bit of a splurge, but I had a voucher, I absolutely loved the patterns and I have already wore them a lot. I think they are a great investment! The jeans and black skirt were on my list of items I wanted to buy that could replace old items and fill gaps. The skirt is another favourite of mine. I have been looking for a black skirt for a long time and I am so glad I waited till I found the right one instead of buying one that wasn’t quite what I wanted a few months ago.

winter cap col2.jpg

So in my Winter capsule wardrobe I have ended up with 2 dresses (not pictured, sorry they were in the wash!), 3 pairs of jeans, 2 skirts, a few t-shirts and a few long sleeve tops, three blouses, cardigans, jumpers and coats. I may have gone overboard with the jackets and coats, but I can only really wear them in Winter in Australia. It is never really cold enough in other seasons to get away with a coat or heavier jacket. I love the clothes I have picked, love the colour scheme and cannot wait to wear it all! My shoes did rotate. I put away my sandals and brought out some more boots, and my work capsule changed a bit as well.

winter cap col3.jpg

So overall I love the capsule wardrobe still. I love rotating my wardrobe so I am wearing things I love all the time but my wardrobe still feels fresh. It has also affected my attitude towards buying clothes. I am a lot more wary of buying items, going for quality over quantity and really being picky to make sure the item goes with my wardrobe and is something I will get a lot of wear out of.


So thanks so much for reading! Let me know in the comments if you are doing a capsule wardrobe and how it is going. And  hoped you enjoyed!

Christina xo

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