How to Clean Makeup Brushes

Hi all! I cleaned my brushes! Yay! Cleaning brushes is one of the most mundane tasks to do, but weirdly satisfying at the same time. I like watching the colours seep out of the brush and then having a clean brush to use next time because, you know, there is nothing better than a nice clean fluffy brush to apply your makeup.

cleaning brushes.jpg

I tend to clean my brushes every couple of weeks depending on how much makeup I have been wearing, but honestly sometimes it is just when I remember. The way I like to do it is to get an old takeaway container and fill it with warm water and a little baby shampoo. You can use any shampoo, but I would probably recommend a gentle one or a specific brush cleanser. I swirl my brushes around in the container, sometimes swirl them in my hand to lather and then rinse them under a running cold tap. Once I have rinsed them out I gently sweep them across a towel and then hang them up to dry. As you can see from the picture I use my towel rail and hair ties to hang my brushes upside down. I hang them upside down so the bristles don’t dry in a weird shape.


As you can see I love my Real Technique brushes. They are fantastic! The only other brands of brushes I have are the Body Shop and Eco Tools which are also good.


So those are my tips for cleaning brushes. Let me know in the comments below if you have any tips for cleaning your brushes or any specific product recommendations. I would love to invest in a specific makeup brush cleanser so would love some cruelty free recommendations!


Thanks for reading. Christina xo

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