China’s Animal Testing Laws

Hello! Today I will summarise China’s cosmetic animal testing laws. They are complicated but they are the main culprit for brands not being cruelty free. It is a shame that China has these mandatory testing laws in place because brands will often enter into the huge Chinese market and be tested rather than maintain any cruelty free status. Hopefully this will enlighten you about China’s animal testing laws and bring the issue to your attention.


Under there laws it should first be noted there are two categories of cosmetics – ordinary and special. Ordinary cosmetics include makeup, fragrances, skincare, hair care and nail care products. Special cosmetics are cosmetics that make a claim for example sunscreen, skin whitening products, deodorant and hair dye.



Special products manufactured in China require animal testing. Ordinary products manufactured in China do not require mandatory animal testing (but sometimes still may be tested). Both ordinary and special products manufactured elsewhere but sold in China require animal testing.



In summary, the only exception to mandatory cosmetic animal testing in China is ordinary cosmetic products produced there.



I hope this quick summary has cleared up China’s animal testing laws for you. I would love to know your opinion on the matter in the comments below.


Thanks so much for reading, Christina xo

One thought on “China’s Animal Testing Laws

  1. Thanks for posting on this issue Christina. Are there other countries like China that still insist on animal testing? What is the situation in Australia?

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