Brand Focus: Bourjois

Ah Bourjois, a great affordable makeup brand. But lately, a question regarding its cruelty free status has tainted the Bourjois brand.


Bourjois is a French cosmetics brand established in 1863 probably most famous for their Healthy Mix Serum Foundation, raved about by bloggers and YouTubers and their little round pots. The brand began by catering for theatre makeup, creating bold colours. It then perfected the much loved little round pot rouges. The Java rice powder was invented in 1879 and appealed to the general public for its lightening properties. The brand has continued to grow catering for strong, independent women with Parisian style. Bourjois is well known for great quality products at affordable prices, making it appeal to the everyday woman.


However, with the introduction of China’s mandatory animal testing laws, Bourjois’ image has come under attack. It is known in the beauty blogging world that it is not straightforward to get an answer by Bourjois as to whether it sells its products in China.


However, Choose Cruelty Free (an Australian based cruelty free cosmetic certifier) have done their research, been to China and found Bourjois readily available in the Chinese market. This is unfortunate, as it has become a favourite affordable brand of mine, but based on that information and knowing China’s animal testing laws, it can only be deduced that Bourjois does indeed test on animals as required by law in China and so I will not be purchasing any more Bourjois products.


I would love to know your thoughts on Bourjois and their cruelty free status. My conclusion on their non-cruelty free status is what I have come to based on my readings. But if you have alternate information I would love to hear it.


Thanks for reading, Christina xo


Information from

China – what’s the story?

6 thoughts on “Brand Focus: Bourjois

  1. Interesting read! I didn’t know any of that about bourjois. I’ve never tried the brand because it’s hard to get here in the states. Although I’ve heard good things about the quality of the products. It’s a shame any company tests on animals.


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  2. Thank you! That’s my fave from them as well and I’m bummed I don’t feel comfortable repurchasing.


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