How I fell in love with beauty: my first blogs

Hello everyone! Today I thought I would share with you one of the reasons why I have recently got into beauty – my first beauty blogs! I stumbled across my first beauty blog in 2013 which resulted in a chain reaction with one blogger naming another and soon I started following them religiously. I had pretty much zero previous knowledge on makeup, skincare and haircare apart from the basics so I found these blogs so interesting! I loved reading about different products and brands, watching tutorials and favourites and staring gobsmacked at the beautiful photos they would be uploading. The first blogs I followed are among my favourite and I still follow them today.


The first beauty blog I came across was The Small Things Blog. I was initially looking for hair tutorials on Youtube for short/medium length hair and found some by Kate from The Small Things Blog. Her hair was about my length so I was thanking my stars for finding her and her beautiful hair tutorials. I then started reading her blog, going through all the archives making sure I didn’t miss any! She is still one of my favourite bloggers. She is so down to earth, happy and honest about products. Her hair tutorials are still my favourite, however I also love her makeup tutorials and reviews on products.

You can find her here:


From there I heard Kate mention Estee from Essie Button – now Estee Lalonde. Oh my gosh. She is great. At first I was a little wary of her fiercely positive attitude. But alas, I soon fell in love. Her optimism became infectious and I too started to become excited about products I had never heard of but wanted to try straight away. Her videos are so funny and well thought out. Another thing I really like about Estee is that she is quite pale, just like me! So I feel confident making purchases based on her recommendations and colours.

You can find her here:


From there, Estee mentioned Lisa Eldridge. Lisa is a well known makeup artist in London. Her makeup tutorials are divine! I have makeup skill envy every time I watch her videos. I love her makeup recommendations, from high end to more affordable. I love the looks she creates. She is a very likeable person, down to earth and makes you feel like you can achieve these looks. I am not very good at makeup, at all, but Lisa gives me the confidence to try.

You can find her here:


So there you have it. Those are my first beauty blogs. I followed these three for a long time before I branched out to find others. Hope you enjoyed my little trip down memory lane and I hope you guys check them out. They are all fantastic! I would love to hear what your first beauty blogs were! Please comment down below. I would love to check them out J

Christina xo

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