The Beauty of Makeup


Until about two or three years ago I didn’t really wear makeup. I had four makeup items from the age of 16 til about 19 – foundation, concealer, blush and mascara. Apart from some acne in high school, I have been very lucky in my skin’s appearance. I never really felt the need to wear makeup.


But as I discovered some beauty bloggers via their skincare or hair tutorials, I realised that makeup wasn’t just there to cover the face. For me, makeup is something to enhance the face, to be adventurous with and to unveil your personality. It is creative.


I am not a very creative person. I was never good at creative writing or drawing or painting. And to be honest I am not great at makeup (not yet anyway). But I love trying new looks and combinations of products on my face to see what works well and what doesn’t. Then if something works well, I love to share it with you guys. It has been a great way for me to try to be more creative.


Another great thing about makeup is that it has lasted through the ages. Even though fads go in and out of style, the basics of makeup are always there and always have been. I think that’s brilliant. Women have been empowered by makeup through history.


Makeup also has the power to change your mood. Sometimes if I am not looking forward to a social outing (I’m a hermit, I know), then putting on a bold red lip and some serious highlighter can just make me feel confident and ready to go. And I’ll admit, when those pimples appear, even though often I will go makeup free, if I’m feeling a bit down about it, then covering them up will often make me feel better in my appearance.


The beauty in makeup is the power to transform and to create.


What do you think is the beauty in makeup? How has it affected your mood or expression of personality? I would absolutely love to know in the comments below your opinions on this topic.

Christina xo

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