Fill in the Blank Tag

Hey all. So you see all these tags going around, and lots of them look fun. I thought I would do one today as I have been lacking some writing inspiration (and time!). I liked this tag because it covers a range of areas of life. I saw this tag on Loubs and Lips. So go check hers out!

  1. My favorite brand is Body Shop.
  2. My perfume collection is getting larger.
  3. I wish more brands would be cruelty free.
  4. The first section I visit in Sephora is Tarte.
  5. The makeup that makes me feel most glamourous is glowy skin and mauve lips.
  6. I am hoping to see affordable sets in the holiday collections.
  7. Makeup makes me feel creative.
  8. The first thing I reach for in the morning is food.
  9. Urban Decay lipstick in Sheer Liar was made for me.
  10. My collection needs organizing.
  11. I would not repurchase non cruelty-free products.
  12. I am dying to try ­­Nars Sheer Glow foundation.
  13. I will always sacrifice base for cheek colour in my routine.
  14. I can’t stop buying/collecting Body Shop Body Butters.
  15. My beauty inspiration comes from other beauty bloggers and my sister.
  16. My favorite thing about myself is my ability to be lazy and productive…
  17. My favorite thing about blogging is expressing myself.
  18. If I wasn’t blogging, I’d be studying…
  19. I can’t live without my dog.
  20. My favorite thing about makeup is its ability to change my attitude.

So I hope you learnt a bit about me from this tag. If any of you decide to do this tag I would love to read it. So feel free to leave a link to your blog in the comments below.

Thanks for reading, Christina xo

2 thoughts on “Fill in the Blank Tag

  1. I love The Body Shop brand too. It used to be all I wore. I’d love to see some affordable sets in the holiday collections too. I can’t live without my dog either! I’m so glad you did this tag, it’s fun isn’t it?!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi, thanks for stopping by! I loved your answers to this tag! Yeah Body Shop old time favourite. Haha, yeah dogs are the best!


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