Spring Capsule Wardrobe

Hello! Since the beginning of this year I have strived to have the perfect capsule wardrobe – a small collection of pieces that work well together and that I love. I recently changed from my winter capsule to spring!


I loved my winter capsule wardrobe and the neutral colours, however it became a bit disrupted when I went overseas to Europe in their summer and so had to break out my most summer appropriate pieces. When I returned from my trip instead of going back into the boxes, those summer pieces found their way into my winter capsule. So I was very excited to rearrange my capsule to be spring specific instead of a weird collection of really cold and hot pieces.

spring capsule 3.jpg

This capsule focuses on some brighter pieces and some new pieces from my trip overseas and a recent shopping trip to Uniqlo. It is not so much about the numbers this time around, but about the general feel. I love spring time, when it starts to really warm up here in Australia, and I wanted my capsule to reflect my love of this time of year. So there are some nice jeans alongside some lighter blouses and tops and a combination of boots and sandals.

spring capsule 5.jpg

After taking these photos I did realise some pieces were missing…as they were in the wash. But you still get the general feel of the capsule. Unlike previous times I didn’t really focus on throwing out any old or unloved items, but focused on what I really wanted to wear. So for my next capsule I will have to focus a bit more on discarding pieces I no longer wear.

spring capsule 6.jpg

Overall I am really excited for this capsule. I would love to know if any of you guys have capsule wardrobes and what you think about them!

Thanks for stopping by, Christina xo

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