Fashion Favourites/Wearable Trends

I am not a very fashion conscious person, I never have had the latest trends or pined over designer goods. A lot of the time they are so unwearable that even if I do like them, they are not practical to wear in everyday life. However, recently I have found myself influenced by some fashion trends and some I have even incorporated into my wardrobe. So today’s post is about some of my current fashion favourites/trends that are actually wearable. Hope you enjoy!

fashion coll.jpg

Ruffle hems are big at the moment and I think they look so cute and feminine. The styles I like are the t-shirt or t-shirt dress with a ruffle hem. I think they are very wearable and add something distinct to an otherwise ordinary top.

The jumpsuit! I know I am very late to this trend, but I never thought I could pull it off until recently I ordered one off ASOS (the one pictured in fact) and it looks good if I say so myself. It is flattering in all the right places and so comfortable. I think jumpsuits can be dressed up with heels and a nice jacket or down with little sneakers or flats or sandals. Perfect when I don’t know what to wear!

Speaking of shoes, I am so into the sneaker trend at the moment. Finally, I can wear comfortable shoes (that fit my orthotics, yes I am approximately 100 years old thank you) and still look fashionable! I have a pair of Nike Roshes and am looking to invest in another pair because I have worn them so much this year. A style of heels that is also making the rounds at the moment are ones with the strap around the ankle (like pictured). I have a pair from Kurt Geiger that I bought for a wedding, then didn’t get to wear because the fear of mud on that rainy day was too much. But I cannot wait to wear them.

Double denim is still around and again, I am super late because I didn’t think I could pull it off. However, I recently bought a denim jacket/shirt (pictured from ASOS) and am so excited to pair this with my black denim jeans, black denim skirt or dresses over the summer. It is so comfortable and soft, but because it is denim it is also sturdy.

Finally we have the strappy top phenomenon. I find a lot of these styles unwearable, especially the crop top/might as well be a bra versions. However there are some nice t-shirts that utilise the strappy trend in a sophisticated way. Although I am yet to find my perfect strappy top, there are some great styles out there that I think are so wearable for everyday that adds something  different to a normal t-shirt.


Thanks so much for reading guys! I really hoped you enjoyed my first fashion post. I would love to know in the comments below what trends you are getting on board with and incorporating into your everyday wardrobe!

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