Makeup Declutter – Non-Cruelty Free Products

As the end of semester rolled around I decided to do a big clean-up of my room including my makeup. I have decided to get rid of a lot of my old or non-cruelty free makeup products. I am still keeping some that I use regularly, but hopefully over time I will achieve my goal of 100% cruelty free.  For now, these are the products I am decluttering.

declutter 7ed.jpg

L’oreal Paris  Skin Perfection BB Cream 5 in 1 in Fair: I actually didn’t mind this base product although I think it did clog my pores a bit.

Bourjois Maxi Delight Bronzer in 01: this is too glittery for me.

Models Prefer Mineral Blush in Winter’s End: this is too light for me, which is saying something as I am very fair.

Bourjois Blush in 54 Frosted Rose: this is beautiful and has gone to my mum.

declutter 5ed.jpg


Revlon Satin in 025 Peacock Lustre

Revlon Matte in 010 Bone

Revlon Satin in 170 Gunmetal

Revlon Satin in 290 Cocoa

I actually quite liked these eyeshadows. They are nice and pigmented. But I have since acquired some cruelty free alternatives like my Urban Decay Naked Basics palette.



Maybelline Full N’Soft Waterproof Mascara: really liked this.

Revlon Soft Kohl in 061 Jet Black

Revlon Soft Kohl in 021 Denim Blue

declutter 3ed.jpg


NYX Butter Gloss in Peaches and Cream: this is too pink for me. I’m not sure I actually ever wore it.

Bourjois Colour Boost Crayon in Peach on the Beach: again, too pink.

Models Prefer Lipstick in Budapest: this is actually a cruelty free product, but the colour is too light and I never wear it.

declutter 1ed.jpg


Sally Hansen Hard as Nails

Unknown silver polish

Unknown glitter polish

Fabuluscious Intensive Growth

Essie Splash of Grenadine: this is a great bright purple verging on pink, however I have a very similar colour from a cruelty free nail polish brand.

Essie Tart Deco: I don’t find myself reaching for this very often, I think it is a bit bright for me.


So that is my first makeup declutter of non-cruelty free products that I no longer use and which will either be put in the rubbish or given away to friends and family who will use it.

Thanks so much for reading, Christina xo

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