Black Friday Sales – To Buy or Not To Buy?

Hey everyone. An impromptu post today to have a quick chat about sales shopping. Black Friday is here, where stores have massive sales and people buy up big. However, is it necessary?

I admit, I literally just made a purchase off Sephora who are having a 20% off sale today. But the things I bought I had been eyeing off for months and I have deliberately not shopped there for a few months, instead saving myself for this sale. So I am all for waiting for sales to purchase things you want or need or have been saving for, but I am against shopping for the sake of shopping.

Having done a capsule wardrobe this year I have grown more aware of the amount of wastefulness in my life. There were clothes I had bought and worn only a handful of times. The same can be applied to makeup at the very beginning of my obsession where I was buying things just for the sake of it. Either I had heard someone talk about this product or there was  sale and it was a good bargain.

Yet, I have done both wardrobe and makeup clear outs this year and discovered some wastefulness. So even though I am all for sales and buying things I really want and have given some real thought to, I just wanted to remind everyone of wastefulness and trying to make sure what what you are buying you love and will wear or use all the time.

Thanks for letting me have my little chat today and thanks for reading. Have fun in the sales if you are buying those things you have wanted for a long time and can now finally get with a discount, but just make sure you don’t regret it and end up throwing it away in a few months or a year.

Christina xo

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