(Nearly) A Year of Capsule Wardrobes – Pros and Cons

Hello! It has nearly been a year since I started my capsule wardrobe and I am hooked! You can check out my previous capsule wardrobe posts here, here and here. I love it! But of course there are some aspects which I am not all too keen on. So I thought I would outline some of the pros and cons of a capsule wardrobe for anyone thinking of doing one. Overall, really enjoy having a capsule wardrobe and will continue to do it for some time.



  1. It makes me appreciate what I have. Not every capsule changeover, but perhaps every six months I will take everything out of my wardrobe and do a more thorough go through and donate any clothes I no longer wear or don’t like. By laying everything out on my bed it makes me wonder at just how many clothes I have! I have a lot of clothes, but nowhere nearly as much as a year ago. Having a capsule wardrobe has made me appreciate the clothes that I have, that I love and wear all the time, as well as how well they go together.
  2. It makes it so easy to get dressed in the morning. Having a wardrobe where items work well with each other makes it a lot easier to get ready in the morning, even if I do reach for my grey t-shirts more than anything else.
  3. I make quality, invested purchases of items that will last, I love and fit with my wardrobe. This is probably one of the biggest factors I have noticed is how much more thought goes into shopping for clothes than before. I have a list on my phone of items I am looking for to go in my wardrobe and tell myself that I can only buy what’s on the list. I no longer buy anything if it’s not perfect for me. That means it fits well, I feel comfortable and confident, it goes with my wardrobe and it is good quality. I am all about spending a bit more to get a good quality piece that will last a long time.
  4. It is flexible! At the beginning I was all about the numbers, I think I was aiming for around 30 or 40 pieces of clothing. However, now I realise that one of the brilliant things about a capsule wardrobe is making it work for you. I realised that keeping the number down to 30 items just did not work with my lifestyle at the time of uni and office work. Although the office job is no longer, I still have a mini ‘work’ wardrobe of nice office appropriate clothes for when that law interview comes along…



  1. It makes online shopping harder. Having such high standards for the clothes I now buy means buying online can be tricky. I still do buy online, but I am fussier and I take a long time to read the reviews and measurements to make sure it will be a good fit for me. I do prefer to go into stores to try on items now to ensure they are perfect.
  2. I can no longer buy up a storm! Although my purse definitely sees this as a pro, sometimes when I see my favourite YouTubers doing ASOS hauls every couple of weeks, or I see that email from Country Road with their sale, it makes me want to shop more. I am now very restrained in what I buy. Sometimes this can mean missing out on that sale, or that nice top or dress or that particular trend.


So those are my pros and cons of a capsule wardrobe, a year on. Let me know in the comments your thoughts on capsule wardrobes and if you have one. If you are on the fence about taking the dive into capsule wardrobes, I say do it!

Thanks so much for reading, Christina xo

2 thoughts on “(Nearly) A Year of Capsule Wardrobes – Pros and Cons

  1. I do like the idea of a capsule wardrobe, it certainly does help with the budget ! It also helps me not buy too ‘over the top’ fashion items, and keep that side of things to a minimum. 🙂 Have a wonderful day 🙂

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