Cruelty Free Perfume Brands – Blogmas Day 5

Hello everyone! Welcome back to blogmas. Since becoming cruelty free I have discovered how hard it is to find cruelty free perfume brands. I realised that most of the perfumes I already owned which are Marc Jacobs are not cruelty free which frankly stinks. I love my Marc Jacobs perfume especially my Daisy Eau So Fresh which was my first ever perfume. So I have decided to do some research and find some really nice cruelty free perfume brands.

cf perfume3.jpg

Body Shop: I have one Body Shop Perfume in Italian Summer Fig which I adore. It is by far the least sweet/floral of the ones I own, and is a lot more fruity and mellow. It is a nice change for me. My mum has Indian Night Jasmine which I also adore. It is more floral with a bit of a vanilla undertone. The Body Shop have just come out with four new fragrances which I think smell and look really upmarket. They come in beautiful packaging and smell divine. My favourite is Nigritella which has a nice vanilla, spicy, floral scent (I know, I cannot describe perfume to save my life). So the Body Shop has really upped their perfume game recently and I would highly recommend checking them out.

cf perfume8.jpg

Elizabeth and James: this brand is owned by the Olsen twins and I have talked about their Nirvana Black perfume on my blog before. I absolutely adore it. It is the muskiest darkest scent that I own and I love wearing it in winter. In Australia we only have their Nirvana Black and Nirvana White, but I do believe they came out with two new variations on the Nirvana scent which we will hopefully get here soon.


Commodity: this is a new brand at Sephora here in Australia. They have absolutely beautiful simple elegant packaging and a really unique range of scents. They are not your normal named scents but instead are called things like Tea, Books and Mimosa. Although I do not have any of these perfumes yet, I probably will invest in one in the future. I have smelt them at Sephora and they are really nice. Not as sweet or floral as your normal scents.

cf perfume1.jpg

Lush: has a really diverse range of perfumes. Although I am yet to find one I really love, there are some really nice ones. Again, these are probably more unique scents than your run of the mill florals and sickly sweet perfumes. My sister has one of their solid fragrances which smells really nice on her. I like that they have both sprays and solid perfumes as solid perfumes are a lot more travel friendly. Some of their scents include All Good Things, Death and Decay, Kerbside Violet, Sun, Karma and Vanillary.

cf perfume14.jpg

Korres: I recently found a small range of Korres scents at Mecca in Australia and really liked the smell of them. They are elegantly packaged and could pass as women’s or unisex scents. Some of the scents include Vetiver Root Green Tea, Velvet Orris Violet White Pepper, Vanilla Freesia Lychee and Paeonia Vanilla Amber Pear.


What are your favourite cruelty free perfumes? Let me know in the comments below or if you have any of the brands mentioned here. Hope this has been helpful!

Thanks for reading, Christina xo

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