Lifestyle Gift Guide – Blogmas Day 6

So this gift guide is not strictly beauty related, but more lifestyle. When I was putting together my cruelty free beauty gift guides I kept thinking about or stumbling across gift ideas which were not strictly beauty related but I thought would make really nice gifts.


Silk Pillowcase: oh the luxury. Silk pillowcases are supposed to not only feel great and luxurious, but lead to smoother hair because it has less static and clearer skin (don’t know why, just heard it). Mecca has a Beauty Sleep Silk Pillowcase for $90AUD.


This Works Deep Sleep range: I have heard great things about this range of products that are supposed to help calm down nerves, anxiety and provide a better night’s sleep. And although I have heard all these great things it is not something I have ever thought about buying for myself. Therefore it might be a great gift idea for someone who needs a bit of stress relief and pampering. The range includes a pillow spray, bath soak, rollerball, shower gel, cream, oil and candle ranging from about $20 to $60AUD.


Candles: are a great present that again, people often don’t buy themselves but love receiving as a bit of an indulgence. Some of my favourite candle brands are Ecoya, Glasshouse and Jemma Luxe. In particular the scents of Amalfi Coast from Jemma Luxe, although not a traditional Christmas scent at all, it is a beautiful fresh ocean scent perfect for an Australian summer Christmas. Ecoya has a limited edition scent of Lime and White Jasmine, which smells divine and perfect for our weather here. Along the same lines, Bora Bora from Glasshouse is a beautiful citrus fresh scent.


Jewellery: can be quite a personal gift, or can be a perfect gift to buy for someone you don’t know too well. There are some beautiful styles that are generic but in a good way that means it will suit most people. My favourite jewellery brand at the moment is Mejuri. They do lots of different styles and have some beautiful collaboration pieces. I really like their range of earrings and rings especially from their collaborations with HelloOctober and Jen Chae.


Diaries: are a pretty safe Christmas present idea as everyone will be needing one straight after Christmas in the new year. Kikki.K do some beautiful designs. But for something a bit unique, ReboundBooks use old book covers, mostly from children’s books and insert a diary calendar year into them. It is a great way to re-use book covers and would suit perhaps a teenager or young adult.


Prints/artwork: I love going to markets and finding great quirky prints of scenes or animals or even quotes. My friend has just started a business doing watercolour prints. She even does commission pieces of pets. She is so talented, so unshameful plug for her, go check out her Etsy page. I just bought the Koi Fish print for my friend and have a flamingo print pillow on order for myself!


So that’s is for my other gift guide for Christmas this year. Let me know what your favourites are from above or what your perfect ‘other’ lifestyle gift would be this year.

Thanks so much for reading, Christina

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