Building Up Your Cruelty Free Makeup Kit – Blogmas Day 9

A few days ago I did a Beginner Makeup Kit post. Today I will be expanding on this by adding some more products to the makeup kit. None of these are essential but will add something a bit more special to your makeup kit that can really enhance your makeup looks.


Powder: is great for setting your foundation to help it last for longer. It can also help if you tend to get a bit oily/shiny throughout the day, powder can help keep it at bay. You can either use a coloured powder that will add more coverage to your base or a translucent powder which will not alter the colour of your base. I personally don’t believe powders have to be expensive. A really affordable powder, and my favourite, is the Soap and Glory One Heck of a Blot Translucent Mattifying Powder.


Bronzer: can add some depth and colour to the face. However, be careful not to go too orange or too dark for your skin tone. Opt for one that is not insanely pigmented because you can then build upon it and not go overboard. I highly recommend the Body Shop Honey Bronzer. They are not orange at all, and come in a light enough shade that I don’t look too fake bronzed.


Eyeshadows: applying eyeshadow can be tricky. I am yet to perfect the smoky eye. It always tends to look more like a black eye… however, when used sparingly with the right shades and placement, eyeshadow can really make a look. I would recommend getting a palette to begin with – it doesn’t have to be big, but should have some good neutral shades. I would recommend the Urban Decay Naked Basics (specifically Naked2 has some really beautiful neutral cool toned shades). Another way to go is to make your own palette. The one pictured I made from Makeup Geek shadows. These shadows are insanely pigmented, so be careful! But they are beautiful and come in a great range of colours. I chose these really warm and bronze shades to have a different option from my cool toned Urban Decay palette. Another tip is to make sure you have some matte shades in the palette as they are perfect for a very natural look and work well in the crease.


Highlighter: although not essential, highlighter can really bring a makeup look from natural to blinging – in a good way, like a J-Lo way. And who doesn’t want that J-Lo glow? Rhetorical question, everyone wants that glow. Be aware of glitter in highlighters and try to make sure it’s more of a sheen. You can get them in either liquid, cream or powder form. My recommendations are The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer (a gorgeous champagne powder) and The Body Shop Radiant Highlighter (more of a pink sheen liquid).


Liquid Lipstick: is perfect for a long lasting lipstick look for a night out. Liquid lipsticks are highly pigmented and meant to last. So once applied can be left alone all night (if you have the right formula). I find liquid lipsticks are a great way to wear a bold lip as they are less prone to smudging or transferring as normal lipstick formulas. I really like the Ofra liquid lipstick formulas, especially this colour in Miami Fever. Another great formula is from NYX, their Liquid Suede collection (pictured is Soft Spoken).


Those are the additions I would recommend to build up your makeup kit. What would your recommendations be?

Thanks for reading, Christina xo


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