Favourite Vlogmas YouTubers – Blogmas Day 12

Hey guys, during the month of December I have noticed an inundation of YouTube videos from some of my favourite YouTubers who have been doing Vlogmas…and I am loving it! I thought I would share some of my favourite people doing Vlogmas this year in case you wanted to watch some amazing vlogs.


FleurDeVlog: Fleur is one of my all time favourite YouTubers. She has a beautiful personality and great beauty and style recommendations. Her vlogs for Vlogmas have been really good, with a combination of traveling, shopping and working, with regular appearances from her gorgeous dogs.


Rachael Annear: is my favourite Australian YouTuber. She has been doing Vlogmas for the past couple of years. I love that her vlogs are set in Sydney, so I can relate to a lot of her daily life. In all her vlogs she has a “#dailydoseofchristmas” where she shows and does something Christmas related which I really enjoy and which seriously ups her Christmas game.


EverydayEstee: this is Estee Lalonde’s vlog channel which is awesome. I love Estee’s personality and joy for life. Her vlogs revolve around her everyday life, including her dog Reggie who is adorable, as well as her traveling. I really enjoy watching her travel vlogs as they inspire me to want to get out there!


ClaireMarshall: is an American YouTuber who does gorgeously styled vlogs. She is such a down to earth, real person. I really enjoy her different style and fresh take on YouTube videos. She has been doing some travel vlogs during Vlogmas which contain both beautiful scenery and real uncut travel moments.


Who is your favourite Vlogmas YouTuber this year? I would love to know so please comment down below.

Thanks for reading,Christina xo

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