Christmas Cookbooks – Blogmas Day 14

I absolutely adore Christmas food  – roasts, tarts, three course meals – but am yet to cook an actual Christmas feast for my family. However, if I did, I would be taking inspiration (or step by step instructions depending on how far I stretch my natural cooking ability) from these Christmas cookbooks from some of my favourite chefs.


Jamie Oliver’s Christmas Cookbook: I adore Jamie Oliver. He is by far my fvaourite chef. I have eight of his cookbooks and use them all regularly! My boyfriend just bought this cookbook so I have been able to look through it. One of the stand outs of this Christmas cookbook from others are the ‘left-over’ recipes. Jamie provides numerous recipes made from common Christmas left over ingredients. Brilliant!


Simple Essentials Christmas by Donna Hay: Donna is another favourite in this household. My mum is an avid subscriber to her magazines. In particular we love her desserts and sweets, which I am sure do not disappoint in this cookbook as well as providing recipes for traditional Christmas meals.


Nigella Christmas by Nigella Lawson: The decadence queen. This cookbook will be sure to be filled with comforting, delicious, decadent food. Not only does it contain recipes for traditional roasts, it also accommodates vegetarians with an alternative Christmas dinner idea.


Christmas by Gordon Ramsay: Although hard hitting on TV, Gordon’s recipes are actually pretty good. My boyfriend quite enjoys his YouTube recipe videos. This Christmas cookbook has menu plans as well as recipe ideas for the non-traditional Christmas breakfast and brunch.


Those would be my top Christmas cookbook picks from some of my favourite chefs. Do you have any of these cookbooks? Let me know in the comments below what your favourite Christmas cookbook is.

Thanks for reading, Christina xo


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