Full Face of Cruelty Free Makeup Under $45 – Affordable April

under 45 1.jpg

Hello everyone! Welcome to today’s post which is a full face of cruelty free, affordable makeup for under $45. I think you can get a really nice look with these products and can easily switch up the lips to suit you. This look could easily have been under $40 except the only mascara I have open at the moment costs nearly a quarter of the price of this entire look! So if you found a more affordable mascara you can easily create a look for less. However I do really like the products  in this look and found the process satisfyingly challenging. So let’s get into it!

under 45 2.jpg

The base product I have chosen is the NYX BB Cream in 01 Nude. This is a recent purchase of mine, but I have used it a few times now and quite like it. It gives a nice smooth, light coverage base. Perfect for everyday.

under 45 3.jpg

As you may know by now this is my favourite concealer. It is high coverage and creamy. I’m not sure about the exact price of this concealer as you can’t get it in Australia, but this is an estimate based on some online stores.

under 45 4.jpg

This blush from Mode in Cupid is super affordable. Although a little powdery in texture, the colour is gorgeous and leaves a nice natural flush on the cheeks.

under 45 5.jpg

I found this really affordable eyeshadow duo from Savvy by DB in the colour Bang Bang. Although not as pigmented as I would like, these colours can be built up to create a lovely natural look.

under 45 6.jpg

As mentioned before you could definitely find a more affordable mascara than this, but I do really like this mascara. It is a wet formula that gives amazing length and separation of the lashes.

under 45 7.jpg

This much hyped brow product is well worth it. It gives a really natural finish to the brows. It holds them in place while adding a bit of colour. It is also a lovely ashy tone.

under 45 8.jpg

To finish off this look I have my new found love which is the Essence Matt Matt Matt lipstick in 02. This is super affordable and such a nice creamy, matte and long lasting formula.

Have you tried any of these products? What do you think of them? I hope you found this helpful in finding some great affordable cruelty free makeup options.

Thanks so much for reading, Christina xo


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