Project Pan Fail

So…my project pan failed pretty miserably. About two or three months ago I embarked upon my first Project Pan (read it here), which is about trying to finish beauty products that you already have and like/love. I finished one of the 8 products I chose. I have learnt some lessons from this and want to try again soon and hopefully have more success.

For me, there is no point trying to pan makeup products when I have new products I want to trial… In the middle of this Project Pan I did Affordable April in which I only used affordable makeup products and triedΒ some new products. Fail. The makeup items I had set aside for Project Pan included products from Clinique and Nars. If I tried to Project Pan makeup products again I would not make the same mistake.

I had moderate success with the skin, hair, body and perfume products. The only product I finished was the Body Shop Madagascan Vanilla Flower Body Lotion, which was relatively easy to finish because I put it in front of my other body products. I have nearly finished my Coast to Coast Ultra Gentle Facial Polish so hopefully you will see it in an empties soon. Although it may not seem like I used a lot of the Garnier Fructis Sleek and Shine 72H cream I actually did and the success lies in me actually using a hair product on a regular basis. The perfume was harder to use as I have a few perfumes which I really like, but I did try to use it when I had no particular preference for perfume.


So that concludes my fairly miserable first project pan. Although I have learnt things and will try again as I do really like the concept. If I did it again I would focus on the multitude of body, hair and skin products to try and use up some of those. I would also weigh the products so it is easier to monitor my progress.

Have you done a Project Pan before? Were you more successful than me? Please do comment below your experiences so I can learn and be more successful next time!

Thanks for stopping by, Christina xo


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