ASOS Eco Edit – How ethical is it?

Hey guys, I wanted to write a quick post today about the ASOS Eco Edit, how ethical it really is and whether it is a good alternative to traditional ASOS shopping. I want to start by saying that I think it is a great idea that ASOS has listened to consumers and invested its time and money into this part of their business. It shows that ethical fashion is a part of their culture to some degree. It hopefully also sheds some light on the way forward for ASOS. However, the overall fast fashion, trendy culture of ASOS and the limited amount of clothing items/brands under the Eco Edit (compared to the rest of their site) says more for this brand than their Eco Edit.

eco edit symbol.jpg
ASOS Eco Edit Symbol

The Eco Edit is a collection of clothing and cosmetics from brands that meet at least one of their sustainability criteria. Note: at least one. The criteria are (taken from their website):

  1. lower environmental impact materials and processes
  2. recycled/up-cycled materials
  3. sustainable cotton
  4. small-scale manufacturing in Africa
  5. handmade/handwoven
  6. made by artisans/craftspeople
  7. made under fair trade principles
  8. vintage
  9. natural ingredients
  10. paraben free
  11. organic ingredients

These are all really great criteria to have, but if a company only has to tick one of these boxes, is what you’re buying under the Eco Edit really ethical? I’m not going to answer that question because I don’t think it really can be answered, and it is a really personal issue as to what ethical fashion is to individual people. However, I did just want to point this potential issue for consumers. For me personally, I would ideally like all my clothes (going forward) to be made under fair trade conditions, out of sustainable or recycled materials and with a lower production impact on the environment. Tall order, I know.

ASOS hauls have become a huge hit on YouTube in the last year or so for fashion YouTubers, and I myself have become sucked into the hype of the website that has pretty much everything you could ever want. If you are going to buy from ASOS (because, lets be honest, it is so convenient), have a good long look at their Eco Edit section and I encourage you to only buy from that section. This can potentially have a huge impact, not only on our environmental and ethical footprint, but on the ASOS website. If they see more and more people buying from these brands, it will make them think about their values and the best way to go forward with the brand. It may influence them to pressure the other brands they stock to submit to the criteria. And just to let you know there are still over 600 styles under the Eco Edit. That is still a huge amount to choose from!

I would love to know your thoughts on this subject so please do leave a comment below. Let’s get a conversation started about ASOS and the Eco Edit and its impact on people’s shopping habits.

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