Zoeva – The Basic Moment Palettes

Hey guys, I recently got my hands on the Zoeva The Basic Moment Blush Palette and Eyeshadow Palette. I had seen these around and was especially interested in the eyeshadow palette. It has some beautiful neutral colours. Zoeva is a cruelty free beauty brand that can be found at Sephora in Australia. They are well known for their brushes and eyeshadow palettes. Today’s post is a little review on these palettes.


The blush palette contains one blush, one highlighter and one bronzer. The blush, called Yet to Come, is a beautiful, simple, baby pink. It is a gorgeous colour that goes with a lot of different looks. The highlighter, called Liquid Clock, is a muted gold. It it stunning but can look quite strong on the cheekbones. I think it would look gorgeous on deeper skin tones. The bronzer, called Unfinished, is the perfect colour – not too orange but not too ashy. It does a great job at warming up the face. The formula of these are all quite nice and blend pretty easy. They are perhaps a little on the powdery side. This would be the perfect palette to take travelling.


The eyeshadow palette contains ten beautiful, neutral eyeshadows. On the left are five matte shades. Make it Last is a great cream all over base colour. Here to Stay is another all over base colour or a very light crease colour in a light warm brown. Never Ending is a beautiful taupe that would be perfect in the crease for a cooler look. New Era is a mid toned warm brown again perfect for the crease or to deepen the outer corner. The last matte shade is Ever which is a dark cool toned brown. On the right are five shimmer shades. Yet to Come is a perfect white/bright inner corner highlight. Liquid Clock is a gorgeous light pink/purple shade, perfect for an inner corner highlight or as a pop in the middle of the lid. Unfinished is a gorgeous bronze. Waiting is a deep purple/brown and Nostalgic is a deep grey/brown. These shadows are super pigmented, a little powdery, but easy to blend and all these colours can create some beautiful neutral everyday or more intense glamour looks.


So I really like these palettes from Zoeva and can see myself getting a lot of use out of them. Have you tried these palettes from Zoeva? What do you think of them? Let me know in the comments below.

Thanks for reading, Christina xo

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