7 Ethical Underwear Brands

Since looking into ethical fashion my main concern has been over ethical underwear brands when the time comes to replace certain underwear and bra items in my wardrobe. So I have been doing some research and have found 7 great ethical underwear brand options. This post will be a mini overview of the brand’s ethics. Although I am yet to purchase anything from these brands, I am keen to and hopefully will in the future.


Thunderpants is a family owned and run business in New Zealand. They make their underwear from organic cotton and produce locally where possible. They have very high environmental standards. They have some very cute and quirky patterns.


Blue Canoe

This brand is owned and run by women in the USA. Girl power! For their underwear they use organic cotton and organic bamboo. They have a good range of underwear and bras as well as other basic clothing.

blue canoe.jpg

Brook There

This brand makes all of its products in the USA. They use organic cotton and silk. Brook There has some beautiful sets of bras and underwear in gorgeous colours.

brook there.jpg


This brand has the most comprehensive ethics regarding workers, their rights and supporting their families. Their factories employ single mothers and pays them above market wages with healthcare benefits. The children of these single mothers also get their school books, school supplies and school meals paid for. They use digital printing which greatly reduces water usage. In addition they try to use fabric made from recycled plastic bottles where possible. In other words, this brand is doing great things!



This is an Australian ethical underwear brand. They produce their products in Australia and India. They have Ethical Clothing Australia accreditation which means their working conditions meet ethical and safety standards. 95% of their materials are recovered in the factory which means less waste and their clothes are free from harmful chemicals.



Boody is another Australian brand that focuses on simple and functional underwear. They use organically grown bamboo which has been certified by international standard body EcoCert. The brand also has other certifications regarding their quality and the health, safety and payment of workers in their factories.


Bras Without Wires

This is another Australian ethical underwear brand. They use European lace, fabric and trim with Australian made organic cotton lining. Their bras are made in China but they have strong ethical policies. $1 from every sale goes to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.


Please note: links are for your convenience and all photos are taken from their websites.

Have you tried anything from these brands before? I would love to get some feedback!

Thanks for reading, Christina xo

2 thoughts on “7 Ethical Underwear Brands

  1. It was something I was aware of a while ago, but have only really gotten interested recently. I am super new to the scene though and cannot wait to start buying some ethical fashion pieces. Need to save first though, ha!


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