Beauty Declutter – Non-Cruelty Free + Non-Used Products

Hey guys, today’s post focuses on my beauty declutter I did just before I moved! I didn’t get rid of a lot, but I tried to streamline my beauty collection and discard products I either didn’t like or never used and items that are not cruelty free. Although I got rid of quite a bit, I still have some non-cruelty free products in my collection that I am trying to use up. Hopefully this time in six months or 12 months I will have a 100% cruelty free beauty collection.

Let’s start with nails… I got rid of all my Models Prefer nail polishes because I don’t like the formula. I find it streaky and really washed out so you needed 3 or 4 layers to get a strong colour. I never reached for them so I decided to get rid of them. I only got rid of one Essie nail polish even though I still have five. They are not cruelty free so I won’t be repurchasing, but I still like the formula and colours of the nail polishes I kept so I will try to use them up.


Moving on to skincare, body care and hair care…I had a Body Collection Body Lotion in the Pomegranate scent. I hated this scent and never really used it. I have other body lotions and butters I prefer a lot more. I tossed out two hair products from David Babaii that were really old. I got rid of one perfume from Escada which I never used because I found the scent quite strong and it didn’t suit me. Then there are a few skincare products including a Benefit Eye Cream that did nothing (and is not cruelty free) and a Natio face cream that had glitter in it.


Finally, makeup… I had a really hard time parting with makeup and as you can see I didn’t get rid of a lot. There were two blushes which I never really used. The Body Shop Sorbet blush was nice but the texture had gone funny as it was a bit old. The Australis blush was just too purple. The BB Cream from Natio pilled up when rubbed in on the face so that was a no no and the Natio spot concealer was too dark for my skintone. This Australis mascara was over 6 months old so that had to go. Then there were two eyeliners I never used/were old and a cream shadow stick that was very patchy. Finally I got rid of two lipsticks from Models Prefer because they were in a bright pink and a deep purple/berry colour which I never wear.


Have you done a beauty declutter recently? What did you focus on decluttering? Let me know in the comments below.

Thanks for reading, Christina xo

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