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Hello! Last week I was very much under the weather but still had to function on some days. Luckily these days were few and I was allowed to indulge in sympathy for my sickness. However, on the days where I was required to be an adult and venture out into the world, I found that a few makeup items could ‘pick me up’, make me look human and more confident in my ability to function. I thought I would share these with you today in the hope that the next time you are sick but forced to function, these items (or your alternatives) will make you feel just that little bit better in facing the day.


Often not feeling like getting up earlier than absolutely necessary to layer on the makeup, I keep pick me up makeup simple and fast. I start with a good concealer to cover those dark circles that have formed from interrupted restless sleep and to cover any darn spots that turn up just to make you feel that much crappier. My favourite is the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer because it is pretty heavy duty. Concealed? Yes. Yay, you have now perfected looking more awake.

Now to make you look human… I like to use a bright, slightly shimmery/sheeny blush to add life back into my pale face. My favourite for this is the Bare Minerals blush in Vintage Peach. The trick is to add enough to make you look alive, but not so much that in contrast to your paler face it makes you look like a clown. Got that? Great.

To add that extra bling to make you feel more confident, I like to highlight as much of my face as possible. This will make you feel like a sparkly princess (or J-Lo, whichever floats your boat) and will give you the ability to take on anything. At the moment I am using the Body Shop Radiant Higlighter which is a nice pinky pearl. If you are facing warmer weather I would recommend a more bronzey or champagne highlight.

And finally to boost that confidence even more while also making you look alive, I like to add a bright lipstick. It can be a red, a pink or even a vampy colour, so long as it makes you feel good. I went for the Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Lipstick in Rosy Chic to add a bright pop of pink. And voila! Pick me up makeup done. Enough to make you feel alive and confident, but fast and simple so you can spend more time sleeping, napping, eating soup or whatever else makes you get better quicker!

What are your pick me up makeup favourites? I would love to know in the comments below.

Thanks so much for stopping by, Christina xo

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