Winter to Spring Capsule Wardrobe Change

Hello! Welcome to another capsule wardrobe post. I am so excited to be doing my Spring capsule wardrobe this year! I am just so ready for warmer weather, sunshine, getting my legs out and wearing one layer of clothing!


Each capsule wardrobe I have done focuses on something a little different. My Winter one was all about comfort. Previous ones have focused on classic pieces, colours, neutrals, mix and match challenges, etc. This Spring capsule is all about being inspired.


I am on a bit of a buying ban at the moment which means even though I have been browsing online a fair bit, I haven’t really bought anything. The only thing I bought recently was a pair of work pants (for that non-existent office job). All of this online browsing made me think I was getting a bit bored of my Winter capsule, so I tried really hard this time to only include things that I felt inspired about. This meant putting to rest a few of my absolute favourite/wear all the time basics, but nothing exciting pieces, like my two grey t-shirts (don’t worry I still have a grey t-shirt in there!) and picking items I really wanted to style.


As you can see, I love my dresses and am excited to wear them again now it is getting warmer! They are great all in one outfits and these two in particular I am so excited to wear more!


This red skirt is along the same lines. I don’t wear it super often because it can be hard to style, but I have been feeling really inspired by some beautiful red pieces coming out this season in shops that I thought why not get it out and give it a go!


Do you have a capsule wardrobe? How do you go about changing it every season? Let me know in the comments below.

Thanks for reading, Christina xo

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