Merry Christmas – Blogmas Day 24

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you enjoy the holidays with your loved ones, eat lots and generally have a great time. I will hopefully be back on the 1st January with some new content. I really hope you enjoyed Blogmas. Thank you so much for reading my posts and checking out my blog. I really … Continue reading Merry Christmas – Blogmas Day 24


A Christmas Tag – Blogmas Day 23

Hey guys! We are coming to the end of Blogmas and what better way to finish it than with a Christmas Tag. I found a few online and have merged them into this one. Hope you enjoy! Favourite Christmas Movie: Traditionally it would be Home Alone, but I also love The Holiday. And for a … Continue reading A Christmas Tag – Blogmas Day 23

Favourite YouTubers doing Vlogmas – Blogmas Day 22

Hello! Ready for some serious binge watching of some fabulous YouTubers doing Vlogmas this year? I have been hooked on a few people's Vlogmas videos this year and thought I would share them with you. Maybe it will help you find some people you like and keep you entertained over the holidays! Niomi Smart: I … Continue reading Favourite YouTubers doing Vlogmas – Blogmas Day 22