Body Shop Advent Calendar Days 1 to 9 – Blogmas Day 9

Hello! Short interruption to my beauty collection series as we dive into the Body Shop Advent Calendar! So, my wonderful boyfriend treated me to this calendar, which I am so grateful for! He gave it to me and said it was for my Blogmas…so cute and thoughtful! It is such a gorgeous present to receive and is filled with some amazing Body Shop products. I am a long time Body Shop fan and adore a lot of their products so I was super excited to get this. So I thought throughout Blogmas I would show you what is in the Advent Calendar!

advent 1to9.jpg

I’ve already forgotten which order they were in in the box, but we have from left to right…

Star Shaped Frosted Plum scented soap: super cute and in one of my favourite Christmas scents from the Body Shop!

White shower scrub thing: I don’t know what this is called, but they are always handy!

Red Lip Liner: this is awesome as I was thinking the other day when doing my beauty collection that I red lip liner would come in handy.

Bunny Ear Headband: super cute and useful for keeping my hair out of my face when doing face masks.

British Rose Shower Gel: this smells amazing and these sizes are perfect for travel!

Strawberry Gel Lotion: I personally don’t love the strawberry scent, but it’s awesome you get a mini lotion in the calendar.

Passionberry Lip Balm: again, the scent is not for me, but awesome you get a full sized lip balm!

Black Kohl Eye Liner: another staple, perfect to add to my collection!

Mango Soap: haven’t smelt this yet as it is still in its packet, but cannot wait to try it!


So those were the products in days 1 to 9 of the Body Shop Advent Calendar. Were you also lucky enough to get one of these this year? What was your favourite product from those above?

Thanks for reading, Christina xo

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