Christmas Candle 1 – Blogmas Day 14

Hello! Welcome to another mini series in my Blogmas all about Christmas candles! I have loved buying a few Christmas candles to review them this year! This is by no means all of the Christmas candles out there…I can’t afford that kind of life. But here are a few that have grabbed my attention and I think are gorgeous!

So let’s start day 1 with Ecoya Fresh Pine.


So this is a mini candle that came in a set of three for Christmas, but can be bought individually in a larger size. How cute is the outside packaging! It is made from natural soy wax and is Australian made. It has 18 hours burn time. It has notes of fresh pine needles, forest woods, citrus and rosewood. It smells amazing! If I had to try and describe it myself I would call it ‘fresh forest’. It has the traditional pine needle scent but is much fresher and lighter.

Keep tuned for the next week for more Christmas candle goodness!

Thanks for reading, Christina xo

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