Christmas Candle 5 – Blogmas Day 19

Welcome back to my mini series on Christmas candles. This candle is quite a special one from a small Melbourne based candle company called Alchemy Produx which you can find here. This is their Christmas Wreath candle.


This candle is made from natural soy wax, burns for 50 hours and is handmade in Australia. Let’s start with packaging. The outside package is super nice. Even though it is just a cardboard package, it looks super luxe and the quote on the front adds a nice touch. All of their candles come in beakers, which is quite unique and adds something different to your candle collection! The scent is called Christmas Wreath and has notes of cedarleaf, pine and mistletoe. It definitely has a woodsy scent but is also quite fresh. I’d say it is in between the Dusk Green Christmas and Ecoya Fresh Pine. I would describe it as ‘summer pine’ because it combines a fresh and slightly floral scent with the traditional green pine scent.

What scents remind you of Christmas?

Thanks for reading, Christina xo

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