A Christmas Tag – Blogmas Day 23

Hey guys! We are coming to the end of Blogmas and what better way to finish it than with a Christmas Tag. I found a few online and have merged them into this one. Hope you enjoy!

  1. Favourite Christmas Movie: Traditionally it would be Home Alone, but I also love The Holiday. And for a non-traditional Christmas movie it would be Die Hard. Totally Counts.
  2. Favourite Christmas Song: O Holy Night.
  3. Favourite Festive Food: Ham and any form of chocolate dessert.
  4. Favourite Christmas Gift: I remember one year I got a Barbie Caravan. It was awesome.
  5. Fake or Real Tree: Fake. I live in Australia, it’s too hot for anything else.
  6. Favourite Thing About Christmas: Combination of eating, seeing family and getting in the festive spirit.
  7. Most Memorable Christmas: I have great memories of Christmas at my grandparents house in Wagga Wagga from when I was a child. It was always super hot, we would have Christmas morning drinks with the entire street and there were never enough roast potatoes.
  8. Favourite Christmas Scent: probably the smell of a roast.
  9. Dream Place to Visit for the Holiday Season: I would love to have a White Christmas with my boyfriend. So anywhere where we would be guaranteed snow, haha.
  10. Your Christmas Wish: well I’m not about to tell you all in case it doesn’t come true!!


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