2018 Goals

Happy New Year! Welcome to my first blog post of 2018! What better time than the beginning of the year to reaffirm or create new goals. I find it a great time to make or remake goals and resolutions because it appeals to my inner organisational self. It’s a fresh start if that’s is what is needed and/or it’s a continuation of goals already underway.

I don’t have that many specific goals to achieve in 2018, more values or ways of living to aspire to.

  1. Make more conscious decisions. We are becoming ever more aware of how our actions affect our planet. It can seem daunting when one thinks of what is going wrong in society and all of the things we need to change. It may even seem that one person’s decisions won’t make a difference. But I am going to take baby steps this year, through conscious decision making, to try and reduce my impact on the environment and increase my attention in other areas. I am already cruelty free. That ticks a huge box for me as an animal lover. I have dabbled in ethical fashion and that is definitely something I want to explore further in 2018. But now I want to focus more on the environment. I have already made a start thanks to my parents who bought me a Keep Cup last Christmas. This means when I’m out and about and crave that coffee…who’s kidding, it’s a hot chocolate…I can use this cup instead of a one-use coffee cup. Other small things I want to try and implement is using a reusable water bottle, walk more, buy less and buy better. Those last two are a bit ambiguous, but goes to the heart of this goal to make more conscious decisions.
  2. Be kind to myself. This is both a physical and mental goal for the year. As always, I feel a little bleugh after all the Christmas food I ate, so physically I would like to become fitter and maybe lose a few kilos. A big part of this will also be eating better. I want to try and make small changes to my diet in the hope that it will be a more sustainable change. For example, I am trying to make breakfasts beforehand that are a bit healthier and trying to always have fruit in the house as a snack rather than chocolate. In terms of mental kindness, the main thing is not needlessly stressing over things. I tend to get worked up over certain new or unknown events or happenings that aren’t actually that big of a deal. Another easier mental habit I want to make is to find the happiness in everyday. It doesn’t need to be a big thing, but always making sure you do something or find something everyday that makes you happy and acknowledging it creates a more positive mindset.

So those are my big two goals for 2018. I would love to know in the comments below what your 2018 goals or resolutions are.

Thank you so much for reading and it would make my day if you were to subscribe to my blog in 2018 and keep up with my goals as well as content on cruelty free beauty, ethical fashion and some other lifestyle bits and pieces. Xx

4 thoughts on “2018 Goals

  1. A lovely well written post. Our resolutions are very similar. I’m aiming to buy more sustainable products, and be kinder to myself both physically and mentally. Followed! πŸ™‚

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