Autumn Capsule Wardrobe – Work Edition

Hello! Welcome to my blog. Today's post is a follow up from a couple of weeks ago when I talked about changing over from my student wardrobe to my new work wardrobe (if you want to read about that, click here). I finally got around to cleaning out my wardrobe, letting some things go, adding … Continue reading Autumn Capsule Wardrobe – Work Edition



Hello! Welcome to another empties post where I talk through my beauty trash. I love these posts and I hope you do too! B. B Confident Blemish Serum: This was fine. I'm not sure I noticed a whole lot of difference. But since finishing it up I have noticed a blemish/pimple serum hole in routine. … Continue reading Empties!

Changing from a Student to a Work Capsule Wardrobe

Hey guys! So I've been procrastinating doing my capsule changeover from summer to autumn because I'm trying to transition from a uni student wardrobe to an office/work wardrobe...and it's proving to be quite the challenge. I think I'm getting there. It has taken some planning and new purchases. The only thing left to do now … Continue reading Changing from a Student to a Work Capsule Wardrobe