Changing from a Student to a Work Capsule Wardrobe

Hey guys! So I’ve been procrastinating doing my capsule changeover from summer to autumn because I’m trying to transition from a uni student wardrobe to an office/work wardrobe…and it’s proving to be quite the challenge.

I think I’m getting there. It has taken some planning and new purchases. The only thing left to do now is finalise, clean out some old items and add in my new items. So although I’m not finished, I have already learnt some lessons which I hope you will find helpful if you are also trying to transition from a student to an office wardrobe.


First thing I have learnt is to start off by working with what you’ve got. I already had a work skirt and one pair of work pants, along with a few blouses. So that was enough to get me started at work. I had enough for a week, which I could then wash on the weekend and wear again the next week. So technically I could make do with that. But realistically it’s not quite enough.

The second thing I had to do was stop buying or looking at casual clothing. I have more than enough to get me through weekends till the end of time. Well, at least for the foreseeable future.

I then did a mental stock take of all the work appropriate clothes I had to identify gaps. For me, this was a full length pair of black work pants, a neutral blazer and some warmer blouses/knitwear. I tried to focus on getting the basics. Once I have the basics down it will be much easier to expand my work wardrobe in the future. But there’s no point having a dozen mismatched blouses if I only have one pair of pants…

So then came the shopping. It was easy enough to find some nice blouses and knitwear from Country Road and Witchery. It was so much harder to find nice black work pants. But finally I did and a neutral blazer. Although pricey, I did stick to my list which made it easier to justify the spending.

So those are the lessons I have learnt from transitioning from a student to a work wardrobe: work with what you’ve got; stop buying casual clothing;  build up a solid basic wardrobe; and stick to what you need to get started. Have you had to make the transition? How did you go about it?

Be sure to check back in a couple of weeks for a finalised autumn work capsule wardrobe post!

Thanks for reading, Christina xo

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