10 x 10 Challenge – Minimal May

Hello! Welcome to my blog and a very exciting post. As part of Minimal May I have decided to give the 10 x 10 challenge a go! The 10 x 10 challenge involves picking 10 pieces of clothing and only wearing them over 10 days. It is supposed to challenge you to choose from a very minimal ‘wardrobe’ and inspire you to create new outfit combinations.


10 x 10 coll.jpg

These are the 10 items I have chosen. It includes: 1 pair of long, black, work pants; 1 pair of black jeans; 1 black, lighter, casual jacket; 1 black, warm coat; 1 lilac, cashmere jumper; 1 navy, puffy sleeve, light jumper; 2 blouses (black with white pattern and white); and 2 tops (blue and white). As you can see it is a very minimal colour scheme but I think that;s going to work really well. There’s just a pop of lilac and blue to add some dimension to my outfits. I’ve chosen not to include shoes in my 10 x 10. It was just going to be too hard to do in winter when I felt I needed more layers.


Over the next 10 days I will wear only these items. I have normal work, a work trip and the weekend to cover. Fingers crossed I can do it! I will try to take photos and post them on Instagram or do an update post here on my blog.


Have you ever done a 10 x 10 challenge? How did you find it? Be sure to follow me on Instagram and my blog to see any updates!

Thanks so much for reading, Christina xo

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