Lush Full of Grace Serum Bar Product Review

Hello! I first stumbled across the Lush Full of Grace serum bar when I was looking at Lush’s ‘naked’ shampoo and conditioner bars. Although the shampoo and conditioner bars have been less successful, the Full of Grace serum bar has become a firm favourite of mine.


First, I love that it is packaging free. I bought a Lush tin container to keep the bar in so it stays clean and that is working really well. I have already used up one completely and I like that when I re-purchased it, I could re-use the container.

Second, I love how the product makes my skin feel. It leaves my skin a little greasy at first, but it does sink in and makes my skin feel really soft and moisturised. I do find it calming on my skin and like to use it if my skin is feeling irritated or red. It contains murumuru butter (super moisturising), mushrooms (protecting and conditioning), calamine powder (calming) and rose petals (soothing). It really is the perfect combination of ingredients to create such a beautiful product.

I tend to use the bar maybe 3-4 times a week between a toner (either hydrating or acid) and my moisturiser. I think it’s fairly priced at $15.95AUD. It doesn’t last as long as traditional serums and oils, however I don’t mind as it is a Lush product and they are best used up quickly.

Overall, I really like this serum bar! Cruelty free – tick! Packaging free – tick! Has great skin benefits – tick! Have you used this naked Lush serum bar before? I would love to know how you got along with it in the comments below.

Thanks for reading, Christina xo

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