Full Face First Impressions of Affordable Cruelty Free Makeup!

Hey guys, welcome to my blog. Today’s post is a full face first impressions of affordable cruelty free makeup I purchased from Priceline the other day. I got so excited at all the new makeup and sales on the other day, I went a bit crazy, and bought enough makeup to do a full face of new makeup. I hope you enjoy and fingers crossed some of this makeup ends up in a favourites!


I started with the Nude by Nature Flawless Liquid Foundation in N2 Classic Beige. Not going to lie – first impressions – no bueno. I applied 2 pumps with a buffing brush and it just looked streaky and sat on my skin. It didn’t blend very well and emphasised texture on my skin I didn’t know I had. However, I did a sneaky second impression with 1 pump and a sponge and it looked a lot better. So I haven’t given up yet, but not super impressed so far.

I then went in with the Covergirl Vitalist Healthy Concealer. I was so excited to hear that Covergirl is now cruelty free! I’ve heard some good things about their products and they have a good range at Priceline. This was concealer was pretty good. It’s probably a tiny bit too dark/orange for my pale skin, but it blended really nicely and gave good coverage (even over the patchy foundation).

I then used the Nude by Nature Pressed Mineral Powder in tan as a bronzer. This actually worked really well, so I’m keen to keep using it. It blended really nicely and the tone was not orange at all. For blush I used a beautiful coral pink from NYX called Hamptons. This was really nice and added a gorgeous pop of colour that is perfect for summer. For highlighter I used one from Models Prefer called Pure Shores. This gave a gorgeous glow with absolutely no chunky glitter in the perfect light champagne shade.

For mascara I used the Essence All Eyes on Me. This gave me natural, fluttery lashes. No volume, but length and separation which I actually love for everyday. And finally, for lips I used the Nude by Nature Moisture Shine Lipstick in 02 Nude. This is amazing! It is such a beautiful sheeny nude which I can see myself wearing with all makeup looks, all the time. Plus, the packaging is super luxe for being so affordable.

So that is my full face first impressions of affordable cruelty free products. I really hope you liked this post. Let me know if you have used any of these products and what you thought.

Thanks so much for reading, Christina xo



6 thoughts on “Full Face First Impressions of Affordable Cruelty Free Makeup!

  1. Hi Christina,
    how do you find cruelty-free brands at Priceline? Do you have to know each brand and whether or not its cruetly-free, or does Priceline have a cruelty-free section? It would be great if they had that!

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