Summer 10 x 10 Challenge – Capsule Wardrobe

Hello! I love the idea of the 10 x 10 challenge – where you pick out 10 items of clothing and mix and match them over 10 days. However, last time I tried this challenge I failed miserably. I’m hoping to redeem myself in this challenge. I think it will be easier because we are in summer here in Australia, so I don’t need any jackets or cardigans.

summer 10x10.jpg

This is my 10 x 10 capsule! I have one lilac playsuit (for the weekend), one cream skirt with birds on it, one pair of black work pants, one black polka dot button shirt, one black silk button shirt, one dusky pink button shirt, one light blue button shirt, one white relaxed style shirt, one white and beige pattern sleeveless top and one white pleated sleeveless top. As you can see I wear a lot of (generally block colour) button shirts for work. I find them very comfortable and tend to work well with pants or skirts. We are expecting some really hot days next week (top of 36 degrees Celsius) as well as normal warmer days for an Australian summer (mid to high 20s). So I’m hoping this selection of clothes will cover standard Australian summer weather as well as mix and match well.

I’ll hopefully be sharing some outfits on my Instagram over the next few days (so don’t be shy, head over to my Instagram @christinarosebeauty and say hi) and I’ll be doing an update on my blog at the end! Fingers crossed it goes well!

Thanks for reading, Christina xo

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