Summer Capsule – 10 x 10 Challenge Update

Hey guys! As promised, here is my update on the 10×10 challenge I did a few weeks ago.

Some of the photos I took during my 10×10 challenge, all from my Instagram…and yes, I take all my outfit photos from the same awkward angle…#professional

I’m going to rate it an 8/10. One point off for choosing a skirt that I don’t fit anymore…that was a fun surprise…and has gone to charity. I ended up replacing that skirt with my gingham, wrap, ruffle skirt. And another point off for not having a ‘lazy’ outfit. I ended up wearing my exercise/laze around clothes on the Sunday, so I cheated a little.

But overall I think it went really well. I found a few outfits I hadn’t worn before, and fell in love with some repeat outfits that I wear at least once a fortnight. Everything worked really well together in terms of colour and style. I think I’ve built up quite a nice capsule wardrobe now and that made this challenge a lot easier.

I’d be keen to try an autumn 10×10 challenge in a month or two… with some cosy jumpers, boots and blazers.

Thanks for checking in! Christina xo

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