Low Buy 2020

Hello! Let’s start 2020 with a big challenge – a low buy. Inspired by Signe from Use Less, I am embarking on a low buy for 2020. What is a low buy you might ask? Well, it’s basically buying less, reducing my consumption, buying consciously and let’s be honest, saving money.

I have devised my own rules focused around not buying any clothing or makeup – unless it is wedding related. Yes, I am getting married in 2020! Woohoo! I am very excited. So this timely low buy is also a strategic money saving strategy.


I will also be focusing on experience gifts rather than physical. I will limit myself to one home item per month. Although we are settled in to our new place, there are still bits and bobs I would like to get to complete the space. And if I do want/need to buy any clothing, I will look secondhand first.

I will be joining in on Signe’s community on Instagram using the hastags #2020wehaveplenty and #useless_lowbuy2020.

What do you think of a low buy? Too much of a challenge? Not challenging enough? Would you ever do one? Let me know in the comments below.

Christina xo

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